Pizza Shop
Massachusetts, USA

We get a lot of drunk people because we are right next to a dive bar. Here is the outcome when one guy comes in right before closing. 

Customer: Hey could I get a delivery?

Manager: But sir, you’re already here. 

Customer: Well can you deliver me with the pizza?

Manager: Um, let me ask the driver if he wants to do that. 

Delivery Driver: No way am I doing that. 

Manager: Sorry sir but he said no. 

Customer: Your driver is a dink. 

Manager: Sorry but I can’t make him do it. 

Customer: You know what, f#*k you then, you will never work a hard day in your life you fa#*$ts. 

Leaves out the door stumbling without taking the $10 pizza he paid for still mumbling obscenities at us.  

Manager: ( To me and the delivery guy) Well, we are closed I guess.