fast food restaurant

Gothenburg, Sweden

Male Customer: One [X] meal and a Fanta, please.

Cashier: Yes sir. Which dipping sauce would you like?

Male Customer: A Fanta.

Cashier: Not your drink, sir. Which dipping sauce?

Male Customer: Are you out of Fanta? I’ll have a Coke, then!

Fast food

California, USA

I work at a fast food chain that is located across the street from a competing fast food chain. Our drive-thru operates with two people in it (one taking orders and accepting payment, and one handing out the food). My coworker is at the back window taking orders and accepting payment, and I am at the front handing out food. From the window where I am, I can see the side and front of our competitor’s building.

I suddenly hear loud sirens nearby and see a cop car speeding down the street. He stops at the stop light, rushes out of his car, and jumps the bushes into our competitor’s empty drive-thru lane. My coworker comes rushing from the back to watch as well.

Coworker: What’s happening!? Did you see the cops!? I watched him get out down the street and run over here!

I can see one cop with his hand on a customer’s shoulder, the customer is doubled over, clutching his stomach, seemingly in pain. When the second cop arrives, the visible customer and another that I hadn’t noticed before begin brawling (presumably resuming a previous brawl), and the two cops pin the customers to the ground and cuff them.

A customers in our drive-thru who only ordered an ice cream cone pulls up to my window. She’s watching the commotion across the street.

Me: (handing her the ice cream cone) I’m guessing you’d like to get out of here.

The customer jumps slightly and looks at me.

Me: Here’s your ice cream, have a nice day!

The woman gives me a terrified look and drives away without a word.

Several more customers go by in this fashion.

Three more cop cars arrive that I can see, I assume there’s at least one more on the other side of the building. I can clearly see six cops and suspect that there are more just out of my sight. After some struggling, one customer is put into a police car and driven away. Six cops stay behind and question the remaining customer.

A paramedic truck drives by, sirens wailing, and from around the other side of the building, a forensics team arrives. The paramedics examine the customer, while the forensics team points at an area of the nearby wall that the customers were fighting against and examines it. Then an ambulance arrives and takes the remaining customer away.

As bad as some of our customers have been, we have never had to have six cops, paramedics, and forensics come to calm things down.


Pacific, MO

(Around 8 years ago my then fiance, now wife, and I were going out for dinner for her birthday at a nice, popular restaurant. I’m Canadian and visiting her before she moves to Canada with me. We are gay and my policy is to be tolerant of the fact that some people are uncomfortable with us as a couple, but I refuse to pretend to be friends to mollify strangers, so I’m a little worried because we have already had a lot of stares. We are sitting and eating dinner, and it’s very clear we are a couple.)

Waitress: Sorry again that your dinner was delayed, how is everything?

Me: Just fine, thank you very much for asking.

(I smile at her and she smiles back and goes about her job. She comes back a while later and I’m a little worried, I guess at this point I’ve become paranoid because we’ve gotten a lot of dirty looks from customers lately)

Me: Hi again…

Waitress: Hi, I just wanted to thank you two. You’ve been the only polite customers I’ve had all night, and probably he nicest ones I’ve had since I worked here.

Me: Wow, thank you! I hope you have a great night.

(Needless to say I left with my faith much restored in humanity. I believe I tipped her almost 40% that night, she really made my evening! As I said, it’s around 8 years later and I still think of it.)



(I am working at our Costumer Service counter when a lady walks up)

Me: “Hello ma’am, how can I help you?”

Costumer:  “I would like to return these.”  (Hands me two cans of almonds she had bought on sale)

I noticed they were open so I asked if anything was wrong with them and if she just wanted to exchange them out.

Costumer:  “Oh, no.  They were fine, I just forgot I was allergic to nuts when I bought them.”

I just kind of starred at her and said,  “oh….ok.”

How do you forget something like that…..