Columbus, Ohio

I work at a social service agency that is right next to a homeless shelter meal site. Despite our logo being painted on our door, sometimes clients are still confused about where to go.

CLIENT: Hi, is this [homeless shelter meal site?]

ME: You’re close, but the [homeless shelter meal site] is actually next door.

CLIENT: OK. *Pause* And where is the meal site?

ME: *Thinking* To your… Right.

CLIENT: OK. Thank you!

Subway Train


(I’m headed home from a party and am seated near a nook that’s made especially for peoples’ childrens’ carriages, bicycles, and wheelchairs so they don’t block the path. A woman gets in at one of the stations we pass by, moves to the seats nearest to the joint between two subway trains and puts her childrens’ carriage right in the center of the path, blocking everyone from passing by. She also has a dog which she puts on her lap. We arrive at the next station, and one of the subway employees moves up to her.)

Employee #1: “Madam, we have special nooks for your carriage so that it won’t block the path of everyone. Can you please move your carriage over there?”

Woman, nodding: “Yes.”

Employee #1 joins her co-worker further down the next subway train while the train moves between stations.

It comes to a stop at the next station and I see both employees staring intently at the woman in the hopes she’ll do as instructed. But as the doors close and the subway starts again, she’s still seated there.

Employee #2, double the size and authoritative weight, moves up to the woman while we’re moving to the next station.

Employee #2: “Madam, you were asked to move your carriage into the nook. Please do so, because you’re blocking the path.”

Woman, suddenly shouting: “What is this with the rules all of a sudden!”

Employee #2: “We have rules for a reason, madam.”

The woman, rises up to start moving her cart by kicking it to get the breaks off, and then basically throws it towards the nook, with her child still inside of it. All the while she’s shouting at the employee: “You need to get a real job! You’re not being paid anything anyway! You need to shut your fucking mouth! Fucking (racial slur)! You need to get a real job!”

Unfortunately I had to get off at the next stop, but I felt this belonged here.


Niagara Region, Ontario Canada

I order from the same chinese food place all the time and they make their own chow mein noodles. After ordering last night they were low on noodles so i wasnt able to get extra. I get home today and hear a knock at the door. The manager of the restaurant sent me two free wonton soups and a big bag of noodles. It weighed at least two pounds. When i called and thankes her she said she was glad to have such a devoted customer and it was the least she could do.

Sporting Goods Store

Reno, NV, USA

(My manager )who is male) and I (a female) are standing at the main counter in our store. A customer walks in carrying his small dog. The dog is shaking so much that I’m honestly afraid it’s going to pee all over the store.)

Customer: (points to manager) “I need to talk to you! I know women don’t know anything about fishing.” *puts small dog on register counter)

(Note: I’ve been fishing every summer since I was eight.)

(I’m slightly offended, but choose to keep my mouth shut. My manager and the man start talking about fishing licenses, which we can only sell for our state. After learning that he can’t but an out-of-state license, then man frowns and picks his dog up off the counter.)

Customer: “Oh, well. While I’m here, could I have a look st your fishing baits? The live ones?”

Me: *smiling slightly* “Night crawlers?”

Customer: “Yes! Night crawlers.”

Me: *turning to manager* “Want me to show him?

Maneger: Sure. Go ahead.”

(I motion for the man to follow me to the fishing section.)

Customer: “Oh! It looks like I’ve picked the right girl!”

Me: “Yep! I’ve been fishing since I was a kid.”

*I reach into the fridge and pull out two tubs of night crawlers*

Me: We have two sizes: small and large. The small containers have fifteen in the container, the large have twelve.

Customer: “I’ll take the large ones. Could I see them?”

Me: “Sure.”

*I open the container and let him look at the bait. He seems amazed that I, a girl, am not afraid of worms*

Customer: “I’ll take these then.”

Me: “Great!”

Customer: “Wow! I really did pick the right girl!

Me: “Yeah.” *smiling evily to myself*

 (I take the man back to the main counter and ring him up. He sets his dog down on my side of the counter, pays and leaves quickly. My manager and I disinfect both countertops and laugh about me showing him up because I know what I’m talking about and I’m not afraid fo worms.)