I am a veterinary technician. A client brings her Labrador in for an exam and rabies vaccine without an appointment. We have a few spare minutes so we work her in. During the exam, she mentions a growth on the dogs eyelid, so the doctor takes a look. We do not normally put animals under anesthesia on Saturdays due to our busy schedule.

Doctor: Well, it seems to be causing some irritation to the eye itself, so it should probably be removed soon.

Client: Could you go ahead and do that today?

Doctor: [my name], do we have time to put him under?

Me: Not really. We only had time to do this exam because our last appointment didn’t take long. We still have 2 rooms to go in, then 2 appointments scheduled after that. We close in about two hours.

Client: Well it shouldn’t take long. It’s just a little bump on his eyelid. You’ll have plenty of time.

Me: Ma’am, with all due respect, it takes about 20 minutes just to get him under anesthesia, then we’d have to do the procedure and wake him up. That would put all of our appointments behind. I’d hate to rush through your dog’s surgery. We have plenty of time during our normal surgery hours on Monday. That’ll give you a chance to fast him beforehand, anyway.

Doctor: Well, I could use [anesthetic drug] instead of the gas. It’d be more expensive but we could do it today.

Client: Yes, yes, let’s do that. I work on Monday so it can’t wait.

[I glare at the doctor. He shrugs. Another technician takes the dog to the back and I walk the client to the front desk to check out. While I’m writing up her file I hear her complaining to the receptionist.]

Receptionist: Your total comes to [total]. If you have other errands to do, your dog should be ready to go home in about an hour.

Client: An hour? That’s way too long! And why does this cost so much? I wasn’t planning on spending this much money!

Me: If you’ve got other things to do, you’re more than welcome to make an appointment to drop him off Monday. It’ll be cheaper Monday, as well, since we’d use a different anesthetic.

Client: I can’t drop him off Monday! I work all day!

Me: Then he’ll be ready in an hour. We can’t rush the doctor any more than that without risking your pet’s life.



Our store recently changed from one major brand of cards to a different one. Many customers have expressed disappointment, and all I can suggest is write up a complaint card. I had a lady yesterday who obviously didn’t think my suggestions count for much, she replied with “Well, I’m just telling you how I feel so you can report to someone who matters!” I did what I always do when insulted by a customer, ignored it and went on with the sale, but some days you just feel like punching someone…

retail sales


( I work at a large electronics retail sales store and the week before we had a customer come in ( whom I can only assume has tourettes or a serious drug problem) and screams at another customer for “stalking” her. ( yep stalking her all the way from the parking lot they both parked in IN FRONT OF THE STORE)Needless to say she was kicked from the store and the woman getting yelled at actually called the police on her)

*I’m door greeting today which is normally not my job but I’m covering shifts to pick up some hours*

Me: You have a good afternoon ma’am!

Customer: Don’t you F****** speak to me

Me:*confused* I’m sorry?

Customer:* at this point she has reached critical mass and is screaming unintelligibly*  S***!!! JUST AUGH SUCKS!

Tourist information

Lancashire, UK

(this happened to my mum who works at a tourist information centre. Pendle Hill is, strangely enough, a very large hill in Pendle, it can be seen from miles around and is impossible to miss)

Mum: Hello (tourist information), my name is (name) how can I help you?

Customer on phone: Hi, I’m just ringing to see if you know the postcode for Pendle Hill, I want it for my satnav.

Mum: Well, the hill itself doesn’t have a postcode, but I can give you the postcode for the village at the bottom of the hill, which is (postcode)

Customer: Are you sure you don’t know the postcode of the hill, I’m worried I won’t find it from there

Mum: Well, it’s a hill, so it doesn’t have it’s own postcode. The village is right at the bottom, it’s impossible to miss from there. I really do think you’ll find it

Customer: Can you give me the postcode for any of the attractions around the hill, just in case?

Mum: Well not really, since it’s just the hill, on it’s own, like I said, there’s a village at the bottom, there’s a pub and a couple of shops, but that’s it

Customer: So Pendle hill is just a hill? I thought it was like, a tourist attraction or something

Mum: Well, yes it is a tourist attraction but the idea is to walk up the hill, there’s a very good view from the top, but there isn’t much else to do there.

Customer: Oh, I thought there was more to it than that. Are you sure it doesn’t have its own postcode?