Convenience store

Chicago, IL

Me: “It comes to $10.62”

The customer hands me $11.02, a common occurrence to reduce the amount of change received. As I input this in the register, the screen flashes “Change Due: $0.40”

Customer: Since I gave you $11.02, I should get $0.40 back.”

Me: “Yes, of course ma’am.”

I hand the customer her change and receipt.

Customer: “You owe me $0.50 but you only gave me $0.40”

Me: “Ma’am, your total came to $10.62 so you should get $0.40 back.”

Customer: “No! You owe me $0.50!”

I point out the total on the receipt, and the “change due” column printed below the total.

Customer: “Oh.”

Theme Park


(I work in a theme park and we serve fresh squeezed lemonade in the area where I work. I started to clean the lemon squeezer when this happened)

Coworker: You don’t need to clean that.

Me: Why?

Coworker: They’re going to use

that tomorrow anyway.

Me: Are you SERIOUS?

Coworker: Yea…

Me: Then you shouldn’t wash your hands; you’re just going to use them later.

(He didn’t talk for the rest of the day).

Self Storage/ Apartments


We are a company that offers self storage, apartments, and office space. One of our residential tenants asks about storage for just one night. I explain what we have available but that we only have month to month agreements. He does not want to pay for the full month but since he has an apartment right next to our office, we decide to do him a favor and allow him to store about 30 boxes in our conference room for the night at no cost. He promises to have them picked up in the morning. This is the following morning at 9am (as soon as we open):

Customer: Hi I’m here to meet <tenant> to pick up the boxes he left here yesterday.

Me: Great! We’ve put them into the conference room so that they are out of the way. Is he on his way?

Customer: Yes, he will be here in just a minute.

The man and woman go into the conference room and start moving around the boxes. The tenant comes and goes but no boxes have been taken out of the conference room. I peak in and see that they have started to unpack the boxes and are looking through the all the files on our conference room table. They aren’t hurting anything so I let them do what they need to do. They even bring food in to eat lunch at the conference room table. After about 4 hours, they walk out (again with no boxes).

Customer: We’ll be back!

Me: Okay…? What time do you think you will be done moving the boxes out?

Customer: Well what time do you close?

Me: 4:30pm. You’re planning to be here all day?

Customer: We will make sure to be out before you need to leave, we wouldn’t want to take advantage of you letting us leave the boxes here.

Me: Uhh.. Okay.

They leave for about an hour. When they come back, they are in and out and moved about 10 boxes to their car. The entire time, I am trying to get through day to day activities and helping customers around them.

Customer: Okay, we need to close this door. She’s been having people in and out of here all day. We can’t even hear each other.

He then closed OUR conference room door to block me out of my own conference room so that they can have a meeting.

Me (to one of the owners): Apparently I’M disrupting THEM!!

They then stayed until after 3:00pm when I finally had to say something since they still had unpacked boxes in the conference room and were simply in there talking.

Me: Are you guys almost all set in here?

Customer: Yep, we’ll be out of here by 4:30.

Me: Well, our office closes at 4:30, so in order to get everything out by then, you will have to start packing and moving the rest of the boxes out now.

Tenant:Yep, we’ll get out of your hair. (To the couple that have been there all day).. We gotta get out of here guys!

They finished packing up and finally moved the rest of the boxes out. Right before I start closing up the office, the tenant is the last one to walk out and says as he’s walking away: I’ll say it for you, NEVER AGAIN!!! But at least you can say you were part of a CIA investigation.

Me: Uhhh… what?!

Retail supercenter


(not that it’s literally my first day on a cash register at this very well known retailer. Hint; they changed their colors outside from blue to brown recently. An older man and his wife come up, and I scan their things with no problem. His card isn’t working)

Old man: My card isn’t working, should I slide it again??

Me: Here, let me try it over here, sometimes it’s the machine…. *I very politely take his card and try to slide it but something looks off. Turns out he cut both ends of his card off* Sir, did you… cut your credit card??

Old man: Well, yeah… I bought a new wallet and it wouldn’t fit, so I just trimmed off the ends so it would. It worked earlier just fine, I dunno why it won’t work now!

Me: *in my nicest voice I can muster because he is a little old* Sir, if you cut your card, the magnetic strip on back can’t be read, is why it’s not working. Do you have another card?

Wife: *in an annoyed sort of voice as if this is all my fault* Oh, let me, here use mine… and it better not charge me twice!

*ive only been there a month now and I wish I could say this was the dumbest thing I’d seen. They so don’t pay for the crap we have to put up with*