Enkhuizen, the Netherlands

I’m standing in line to pay at the supermarket. There is one customer in front of me, when suddenly an older woman starts putting her groceries in front of mine on the belt. She then turns to me and starts yelling at me:

Woman: Didn’t your parents ever teach you to respect your elders? You should’ve seen me coming and offered me your place in line. Now I have to take it myself, that’s just rude!!

I’m just standing there, speechless. Meanwhile the cashier is finnished with the person who was originally in front of me and starts taking me purchases instead of the older womans.

Woman: What are you doing? Do you know how rude you’re being?! Haven’t your parents taught you respect?!

Cashier: Maybe not to your standerds, but they did teach me to always wait my turn. Don’t worry, you can still learn that lesson. 



An elderly lady is looking in the freezer while I’m stacking a nearby shelf. She notices the frozen ready meals.

Elderly Lady: (To me) Oh, you’re selling Liver and Onion Ice Cream now



My mum works in a deli. A customer walks in.

Customer: Do you only take card in here?

Mum: No, we do take cash as well.

Customer: Really? But the sign there says “No cash kept on these premises” 


Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

I’m stood in line at a shop, just beside the door. I’m the second in line behind one woman The shop has a glass front so people can see in from outside. A man walks in and stands behind me.

Man (to me): “Hahaha, you’re ginger! I had ginger hair in a past life. Horrible, isn’t it? Hahaha!

*The man walks out laughing hysterically. Me and the woman in line ahead of me turn to look at each other and just shrug our shoulders*

Woman (to me): “Ermmm, any idea what just happened?”

Me: “Nope! I was going to ask you the same question!”